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These pages show photographs and reports from my travels across the Atlantic to the United States, often meeting up with other Weres and Furs in the process.

America 2001, 22 July - 13 August 2001

My visit to America in the summer of 2001 was designed to coincide with Anthrocon, a large convention based in Philadelphia attracting about 1400-1500 Weres and Furs from across the globe.  I turned that long weekend into a three-week long trip so as to make it worthwhile, and as a result, I ended up visiting New York along with a couple of locations in other states on the Eastern side of the country.

  • An English Werewolf in New York - Cliché, yes, but these are the photographs I took during a four-night visit to the Big Apple.

  • Anthrocon 2001 - A special section about the convention, along with the photographs taken there.

  • New Jersey and Ohio - Photographs from the remaining two weeks that I spent in America after Anthrocon in 2001.

America 2002, 30 June - 21 July 2002

Having had so much fun in the US in 2001, I decided to return this year, again organising a three-week long trip purposly to coincide with Anthrocon weekend.  After flying out, I spent a couple of weeks in and around Ohio and Indiana, meeting and getting to know old friends and making new ones, before returning to the east coast for the convention and to do some sight-seeing in the nation's capital city.

  • Ohio and Indiana - Photographs from the first two weeks or so that I spent in America before going to Anthrocon 2002.

  • Images from Wolf Park - Pictures from the couple of times I visited Wolf Park - an Indiana-based centre for wolf conservation - while in America in 2002.

  • Anthrocon 2002 - A special section about the convention, along with the photographs taken there.

  • Mexican Wolves - Images of the trio of lupines kept at the National Zoological Park in Washington DC.

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