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An English Werewolf in New York, 22 - 27 July 2001

These are the photographs that I took during the four nights and three full days that I spent in New York City.  I was staying with another Fur in the area and  spent most of my visit doing a quick tour of many of the popular tourist sites in Manhattan.  Other pages you might be interested in seeing are:

  • New Jersey and Ohio - Photographs from the remaining two weeks that I spent in America after Anthrocon in 2001.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.

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Belvedere Castle, in the heart of New York's Central Park.  The castle, on a hillside, overlooks the Turtle Pond and open-air theatre.
Me, standing on the observation deck of what used to be the south tower of the World Trade Centre before the events of September 11th.  This view overlooks north of the Tower - if you look hard, you can see the spire at the top of the Empire State Building, the thin Chrysler Building, and many more of the city's skyscrapers. 
A similar view from the tower overlooking the east side of Manhattan Island.  The Brooklyn and Manhattan Bridges are visible, with the borough of Queens in the background.
This is Rapid T. Rabbit, who was kind enough to play guide and host to me during my stay in New York.  He accompanied me up the World Trade Centre towers, and is on the south side of the observation deck here with the Statue of Liberty and Ellis Island behind him.
A view across the Brooklyn Bridge, from Brooklyn towards lower Manhattan, and with the two World Trade Centre towers and the Empire State Building clearly visible.
The whole of lower Manhattan, as seen from the Brooklyn Bridge.
Looking from the Brooklyn Bridge north-westwards, this is a view of the Manhattan Bridge, with the Empire State Building the only one easily distinguishable in the background haze.
And this is the Empire State Building, as seen from outside the front entrance to Macy's, towering high above street level.

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