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An English Werewolf in...Washington DC, 15 - 21 July 2002

These are the photographs that I took during the six full days that I spent in Washington DC.  I was staying in a friend's trailer just outside of the District of Columbia itself, and spent most of the time there in Downtown Washington exploring the city and the main tourist sites.  Other pages you might be interested in seeing are:

  • Ohio and Indiana - Photographs from the first two weeks or so that I spent in America before going to Anthrocon 2002.

  • Images from Wolf Park - Pictures from the couple of times I visited Wolf Park - an Indiana-based centre for wolf conservation - while in America in 2002.

  • Mexican Wolves - Images of the trio of lupines kept at the National Zoological Park in Washington DC.

The little thumbnails below all point to the full-sized pictures.

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For some unbeknown reason, someone had decided to erect a scale model of a temple in the middle of the National Mall...
"Being a President is like riding a tiger," conjectured Mr Truman.  The addition of witty comments involving Furs, the U.S. president, tigers and 'riding' them is left up solely up to the reader.
The National Archive Building, set just back from the National Mall.
The Washington Monument, from the west, in the early evening.  It is surrounded by American flags and groups of amateur baseball players.
The National Department of the Treasury, seen from the south-east, which sits next to the White House.
No prizes for correctly identifying this as the White House's southern aspect.
Similarly this, for being the same building from the north.  Unfortunately, for the same reason as at the Capitol, tours of the White House had been completely suspended.
This is the Zero Milestone, which sits just beneath the south lawns of the White House.  In a similar way to the plaque at the centre of Trafalgar Square in London, this is the point to which motoring distances to Washington DC are measured.
The Bureau of Engraving and Printing - where those horrible little green slips of paper are produced, along with American postal stamps.

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