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Y2K Leamington Fur Meet, 31 December 1999 - 2 January 2000



Kiroo the Kindly Kangaroo handbraked to a stop in a car-park somewhere in deepest darkest Devon and drove me up to Lemming-Tongue Spar, home of the marsupial merfle Sandroo. Some furries stayed longer than others; we had the limpin' lupine Louve, lethargic Lomax leopard, loopy Lonewolf and lounging Locandez; Swampy, Sandroo, Stormrider and Starfury; Kiroo, Chikki, Matt Squirrel, Hawx, Rapp and one other were. Was. There.

We had a great time, safe in our collectively smug superiority that we weren't one of those saddoes who would be spending the greatest New Year of our generation staring at the TV. Well, okay, so we watched dozens of episodes of Futurama. And Godzilla. Jurassic Park 2. All Dogs Go To Heaven 2. Simpsons. Eddie Izzard. Adverts. Tom and Jerry. A fascinating shot of an ajar door, on UK Arena. The Queen trying to kill Mick Hucknall by setting fire to a fuse which lights a cannon which scares a chicken which lays an egg which sets the London Eye turning which tightens a rope which pulls a lever which fires the laser, which strikes a diamond and shimmers beautifully above the Thames, before blinding everyone and setting fire to the Dome.

Chicken and Chocolate (that classic Cartoon Network show) was the principle food for the weekend (not at the same time, obviously), with some cakes and frozen pizza later. My keen astute vulpine eye noticed a distinct lack of Nutella in the house, a serious error indeed. A piece of mouldy cheese cake is found under the futon, and is removed barely hours before it develops sufficient sentience to crawl out on its own accord.

Me and the lupo de solitare go off for a night time stroll around the town. We visit a park and see a 15 year old girl crouching under the bandstand, hissing and talking to herself. We peer inside the tourist/visitor information center, and approach the outdoor touch-screen terminal which promises to enlighten us further about this wonderful town. It displays the Windows Blue Screen of Death.

Macintosh: "Did you survive the Millennium Bug okay?"
PC: "Didn't affect me, I'm a sofa."

Mobile phones trill regularly, to warn of pending arrivals and to express Y2K greetings. One fur gets a "Happy Pancakes Day" text message on his phone. Furs lean against each other and scritch. We pubmunch and burgerscoff. The last furs depart on Sunday night; the inevitable Post Meet Depression is neatly avoided with a four hour drive with the roo again. 

Locandez, 2000

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