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As of 20th May 1998

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My Music Pages

Ah, so you've stumbled across the fact that I do a fair bit of music writing in my spare time... Well, yes, that is true, and for your enjoyment, I have decided to put a selection of my music up here so that you can listen to the sorts of things that come out of this poor wolf's brain (admittedly, when he's in a good mood!)


For the moment, the links below point to pages with the full extracts on them for your aural pleasure. However, there is a hit counter to the left just for this site, and if it starts to rocket sky-high, then for my own copyright reasons, I reserve the right to decide to cut the amount of listenable to material down to extracts of a few minutes or so. If you do sign my guestbook (*grin*), could I please request that no mention of these pages is made.

So, what's up here? Well, as of the moment, these are some of the major pieces I've written:

  • Concerto for Flute and Orchestra

My largest work to date, lasting about 20 minutes in total. It was written for me to perform at my school (yes, I do play the flute...) on the occasion of my last concert ever with the orchestra there, and this occurred on March 11th 1999. I am now looking for platforms for more performances of this work. It is in three movements, and written for solo flute with full symphony orchestra.

  • 'Jubilations'

'Jubilations' has recently been selected by a major New Music Promotion company over here in the UK for performance by the BBC National Orchestra of Wales in December 1999 - so expect an mp3 soon! The piece is intended as a light-hearted and easy-to-listen-to work, and is again scored for a large symphony orchestra

  • Other Works

There are many smaller pieces I have written or arranged for various different events, and I hope to have a selection of them up soon.

Please Note: The quality of all play-backs from these pages is dependant on the quality of your soundcard, and so may not be a totally true representation of the music itself.

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