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If you have reached this page, you have probably done so for one of three reasons: either you have skimmed through my description on the "I am new here..." Introductory Page and thought "Hey, this sounds just like me!" or you have come here thinking "This sounds interesting, I wonder what this is all about."  Or you have come thinking "What a load of weirdoes, why are they wasting my time?" in which case, please either go somewhere else, or read through with an open mind, and perhaps be enlightened that this is not the case.

Since my aim with these pages is to help those in the first category find their footings within the Furry community, particularly the Fandom side to it, this page deals with a more in-depth look at Furry Fans, outlining many of the things such people have in common (though remember, there is no definitive "Are you a Furry" test), and going through some of the steps a newcomer might like to take in chronological order.

Although you are free to follow the links below, for the time being the rest of this page is sadly still:

Under Construction!!



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