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...Welcome!!  The Aims of these Pages

If you are new here, then hello, and welcome to the world of Therianthropy, of Were-creatures and of Furs of many different kinds.  What you have stumbled across is just one part of a whole thriving community that is likely to change the way you view life and open your mind.  Everything here relates to people who in one way or another feel a connection away from humans to animals - ranging from those who simply like animals in cartoons to those who feel they are a non-human animal trapped inside a human body.

If you have reached this point, then you have probably done so for one of a few reasons.  Either you have come quite by accident without intending to go anywhere near the subject matter covered here, or you have found this page through a web-search or via a recommendation with the specific intention of learning more about the ideas and concepts here, or you have done likewise and are about to make one of the biggest self-discoveries of your life.

What I have attempted to create is a step-by-step process to aid this self-discovery in the letter group of people, with the intention that it is totally impartial to any particular group or way of thought, and written in clear, understandable language.  The process works by means of the following steps:

  • A general introduction, followed by a short summary of the three main branches of the community, so that newcomers can start to decide the path they wish to follow.

  • A much more detailed description of each branch including key ideas and concepts of each to give a much better flavour, and to help you decide whether you will fit in or not.

  • Helpful advice and hints on where to proceed from here should you decide that a particular community of people would suit you, or that you would like to learn more about a particular group's "way of life".

You will hear me stress over and over again that there is no "right" way of doing things, and all the ideas and beliefs are very individually based.  Plus the dividing lines between any two branches of a particular group or community are hazy and shrouded with dark areas of grey.  Thus it is impossible to formulate a rigid set of definitions and instructions, and you should certainly not think that you will find here a quick and easy test that will determine which group of people you will best fit into.  If you feel comfortable with a particular concept, then follow that path further.  If not, then don't give up - it may just be my opinions and explanations that are the deterring factors.

I followed the same process of self-discovery back in September 1998 - when I knew I felt some form of "connection" to the wolf, but didn't know what it was, how to describe it and what to call it, or whether there were others out there in a similar position.  Through other's Websites, I have learnt everything I pass on to you via mine.  If you are in a similar position, following this process is likely to be one of the biggest turning points in your life, as it was for me, and you are likely to gain a lot o satisfaction from it.  To that end, I wish everyone who embarks on this the very best of luck in whatever path you choose.



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