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This sounds just like me!  How can I get involved and meet others?

Feel free to follow the link below to help you find an appropriate forum for meeting new Fandom Furs and similar-minded people.

On joining a new community, it is always a good idea to lurk around for a little and get a feel for the place rather than just jumping in.  You are much more likely to be welcomed like this.  When you do decide to make yourself known, don't be shy, and try to explain yourself clearly and in a friendly-like manner.  Sadly, although the Furry communities are very welcoming to newcomers, problems do occur when non-genuine people, such as those whose only intention is to post insults and disrupt the running of the group, make their way into the community, and so a few Furs are very sceptical about new arrivals.  However, don't let this deter you - just follow the topic guidelines for each community as stated in their respective FAQ files (which are very lax anyway), and you should have no problems.

So, although you are free to choose which path to take from here, choose wisely, be bold, enjoy yourself, and make the most of things.  This is likely to be one of the biggest changes to your life!

Recommended Communities:

This doesn't sound like me...what would you suggest?

If you feel the concept of a "Furry Fan" is close to how you feel, but don't think it sounds exactly right, remember that there is no one way to think about anything in terms of a definition.  People still feel comfortable associating themselves with the concept of being a Fur, even though they do not have some of the things that a lot of other Furs out there happen to have in common.  In this case, you might like to consider lurking around one of the Furry communities for a while, and getting a feel for the place and the people there.  If you like it, and the experience makes you feel more comfortable, then by all means join in - someone with a fresh viewpoint who can add a different slant to conversations is likely to be warmly welcomed.

If on the other paw you really feel that this is not, after all, the right path for you to take, then you might like to go back to the introductory page, read through some of the other descriptions, and see if you can find anything among them which suits you better.  Whichever path you do choose to take, I wish you the best of luck!


This sounds really interesting, and I would like to learn more...

If you feel, having read through these pages, that although you cannot associate and identify with the concept of "Furriness" and "Furry Fandom," it still intrigues or interests you, then by all means go along and have a look at some of the communities on offer, and try and learn by talking to and listening to other people what you'd like to know - many people find it an honour to be asked to impart knowledge.  And you will not be alone - there are plenty of other non-Furs who have come into the community with a view to learning more, and who have found the experience of great benefit.

All I ask is that you remember you are an outsider coming into the Community - come in with an open mind, and one ready and wiling to learn.  By all means ask questions, but do not infer that any of the beliefs Furs or anyone else you should stumble across have are silly - everyone is entitled to as much freedom of points of view as you are.  If you follow these guidelines, you are likely to gain a lot from the experience.

Alternatively, before doing this, you may want to have a look round some of the other websites that deal with Furriness to gain a balanced knowledge.

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