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Hi there, howls, and welcome to my little den, which is now approaching five years old.  These pages are all about something called "Spiritual Therianthropy" and other forms of animal interaction such as Furriness - these are the beliefs of sharing some form of "connection" to another animal in one way or another.

Pages - of which there are now around 200 - are being constantly updated and added so as to make what I hope will be a well-balanced, impartial and user-friendly Therianthropic and Furry resource.  As you can see, the material on here so far covers a wide range of topics and areas, and these are still being expanded upon with time.  Please be patient!!  In the meantime, feel free to sign the Guestbook or drop me a line to let me know what you think.

The contents of this site, which can be reached via the buttons at the side of each page, are shown below.

Current Site Contents:

  • New - Rename Lone Wolf! - After nearly five years of going by one of the internet's most popular pseudonyms - with all the problems that entails - it's time for a change.  Help me to find a new moniker!

  • Picture Search - Search the "Caught on Camera!" Picture Archives at this site for pictures of specific people.

  • Caught on Camera! Pictures of mainly UK Weres and Furs from the various meets held over the course of the last 3 or so years.  Also includes photographs from my visit to America in the summer of 2001.

  • I'm New Here... - A set of hopefully easy to follow instructions and clear, impartial advice to help new Weres and Furs find their footings in the most suitable communities for them and begin a process of self-discovery.

  • The Were and Fur Community - Listings and descriptions of a lot of the different UK and Worldwide groups and forums out there for both sets of people.  Includes FAQ files for newsgroups and mailing lists where appropriate.

  • My Werecard - A brief description of the purpose of this form, and my own attempt, for you to get to know me a bit better.

  • Howl & Cons - Details, photographs, reports and other resources about larger gatherings for Weres and Furs.  Includes information on the 'Eurohowls' as well as photographs from my time at Anthrocon 2001 and 2002, large US Furry conventions.

  • Articles of Interest to Weres such as Newspaper or Magazine cuttings. Currently, one particular article from the June 1999 issue of "Bizarre" makes it to these pages, all about modern-day Werewolves.

  • Wolves - A small selection of pictures, thoughts and feelings on me encounters with wolves of the four-legged kind.

  • Fursuiting - When completed, these pages should have detailed construction instructions and pictures for the Fursuit I am making myself at the moment.  At present, you can get instructions here for becoming the envy of all your friends and making your very own tail or pair of ears!

  • My Music Pages - Yes, when I'm not involved in meets or making tails, I do enjoy composing classical music...so for your listening pleasure, I have compiled these pages for you (The pages are not linked from anywhere else on this site - please take note of the warning on the pages themselves).

  • Lone Wolf's Guestbook - Please click on the link at the side and leave your pawprints.  Because of an update to the guestbook's location after much of the site was written, the link might not point to it correctly from all pages yet.

That's it for the moment. I hope you'll keep checking back for updates!

Lone Wolf


Since 19th April 1999,

Weres, Furs and Humans have pawed through these pages

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