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Who is 'Lone Wolf?'

'Lone Wolf' - myself - the author of this entire website, has probably one of the most unimaginative and popular online 'nicknames' out there in existence.  It was chosen back in the days of my online innocence, ironically after seeing the phrase used as the closing words of someone else's Werecard, and it never occurred to me to run the name through a search engine, to notice the thousands of websites by folks going under the same guise.  Nevertheless, the name is just something to go by online to conceal my identity a bit, rather than a character or personality from which I want to distance my real self.

In real life, I am Jonathan Ra*ne (with an asterisk replacing the 'i' to prevent web searches on my name), a mathematician from the United Kingdom.  Born in February 1981, I am currently studying at university, in the Midlands area of the United Kingdom, and will be graduating in the Summer of 2003.  Hobbies outside of mathematics and wolves include classical music making and composing, for which I've received just a little bit of recognition so far.

I am what could be referred to by those in the know as a 'spiritual therianthrope' - a Werewolf if you will, providing you can get all those Hollywood myths and inventions out of your head - the full moon stuff, silver bullets, pentagrams, deranged beasts and all the rest.  I am not a role-player and neither has this site anything to do with role-playing; as I said above, Lone Wolf is not a character, and nothing I write about here or elsewhere is not true-to-life or unexaggerated.

Rather, I feel a deep spiritual connection with the wolf as an animal, and, at times, an intense 'longing' to be able to physically become, or transform into one.  For anyone that knows or meets me in real life, this connection affects and is reflected in my outside personality and behaviour on a day-to-day basis and quite subconsciously.  There are times, usually when I'm alone and it's quiet, that my mind can, to put it simply, think that I am a wolf, even for a few brief seconds or minutes - known in the 'online Were lingo' as "mental shifting" - more a meditative thing as opposed to running round the room on all fours, for want of crass examples.

The ultimate goal, or 'Holy Grail' of 'Weredom,' would of course be physical transformation - not into the two-legged hairy man-hunting beasts of many a  Werewolf film, but rather, for myself, into an animal indistinguishable from a real wolf.  Any number of psyche tests could be conducted here - "If you were offered the chance to be a wolf with conditions X, Y and Z, would you take it?"  My usual response is to point out the problems of a wolf suddenly thrust into a human community (especially one in which the animals are no longer native), or a wolf thrust into a purely lupine community with no pack or hunting instincts, and hence explain why maybe this rainbow doesn't quite have that pot of gold at the end.

I have been around the online communities since 2nd September 1998, literally only a few weeks after we first enabled our computer at home to use the internet (telephone and ISP charges in the UK around that time made internet usage a luxury).  I can be found still on quite a number of the places listed in the Communities section of this website, and am more than willing to answer questions and other comments (though I am often slow in replying to email)

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