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A 'Werecard' was, at one time, a form which was used as an easy means for a particular Were to introduce themselves to the newsgroup alt.horror.werewolves (AHWw), and for a short while became a popular method of introduction to many other online Were communities. The layout of them was in two parts - the first gave basic physical and lifestyle information, such as name, age, location and interests, while the other is a free section in which the Were was able to write a personal account of how therianthropy has affected him/her, about the process of their discovering their Were nature, and any other information that the particular Were wishes to give. This latter part, entitled the 'Personal Therianthropy' was by far the most important, since it tells the reader some of the more deeper thoughts and feelings of the Were in question.

With the demise of alt.horror.werewolves, and the general change in online attitudes among people, this form of introduction is now very rarely used in the communities.  It was seen as too long-winded, too restrictive and too irrelevant in places, and now most people introduce themselves in a free fashion.

There is, however, a comprehensive archive of other Weres' cards (including mine) still  kept at Utlah's Werecard Archive on the WEREWeb, which, for those who were around while AHWw was still an integral part of the community and the main meeting place for Weres online, can make for an interesting read.  There is also a Blank Werecard available at this site for downloading should you wish to use by means of introduction to a community - or just to fill in for personal interest's sake.

For Posterity's Sake... 

  • My Werecard - the completed card which I submitted to AHWw back in 1998 on just having joined the community.  It's out of date, and much of the information has changed since (see below), but it's worth putting here for a laugh, if nothing else.

So who is 'Lone Wolf?'

  • Who is 'Lone Wolf' - a somewhat more up-to-date and current biography of this site's author than the above Werecard.

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