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Jonathan Ra*ne ("i" replaced with "*" to prevent web searches)
Lone Wolf
Grey Wolf
Definitely mental, though I do Dream quite a lot as well

February 10, 1981 (alas, not a full moon)
South-East Essex, England
Southend-on-Sea, South-East Essex, England
Somewhere away from humans that are unable to respect me as a
person, and preferably in some peaceful non-English countryside

6'/6'1" Medium Built Male, Dark Brown/Black hair and Brown
Never really stopped to think about the details. However, something
akin to a grey wolf, but with dark grey/black fur, male, similar
size/build as human form. Some distinctive white patches on fur too.

Music composition, Mathematics, and wolves and werewolves of

Anything that after 2 hours I can still understand the plot... (This
would heavily restrict the list, though - I am easily distracted!). Even
so, probably nothing deviating from the two mentioned below...
Wolf with Jack Nicholson (one of the only films that has had a deep
mental impact on me), and AWiL (if only for the werewolf effects).

Mainly Scientific, and certainly non-fiction books.

Anything with pictures in!

Don't really go in for much of that drawing stuff.
Does music count as an art-form? If so then my own wins paws

'Life Sucks!' *grin*
GGGGGGRRRRRRRRRRrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr... (Actually works
wonders in all sorts of situations!)
Humans are all animals...and pretty lousy ones at that.

Deviating from the norm, anything classical goes! As a composer, I
like too much to be able to name a favourite.

Don't seem to play too much of this stuff on 'Classic FM'. Pity.
However, our local internationally renowned boys' choir
commissioned a cantata about 6 years ago which turned out to be a
spoof on the 'traditional' werewolf story.

Favourite Holidays: Christmas (although it hardly ever snows in SE

Annoying humans (You wish!). Not in real life, though! *even bigger
Make sure no-one else can see or hear you - particularly the prey!

Kill-and-run, though a surprise method can also work quite well.


They have a hard time, don't they?

Generally good, providing they're not related. Otherwise, if they'll
accept me for who I am (disregarding the Were side of things for the
moment), I don't mind them. Unfortunately, this rules out quite a
large number of people... Personally, any human who puts the need
to make big time money above those of his fellow humans, their
welfare and the environment needs to be thrown to the lions (or

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Personal Therianthropy

I guess that it all started several years ago now, at secondary school. Being the brightest student in my year, I was always, and still am to a lesser extent, seen as an outcast - some sort of freak different from the other children. Over the years, I have had many different insults passed my way, most quite harmless, though some race/religion orientated (I am Jewish). These have all generally gone in one ear and out of the other; except one. Having noticeably more body hair than most of the other students of my age, and developing it quite early on, I have had claims of being a werewolf. Immediately, I realised that there was something fundamentally odd about this particular name calling, and I became very interested in finding out more.

Looking through the local library, I soon found several books on lycanthropy and werewolves, although I always felt myself drawn more to those on the werewolf movies, given the large number of photographs and pictures within them.

It was not until this year that everything started to make sense and I first realised my true nature and being. As I have grown older, I have begun to change my lifestyle. I have always felt close to animals - my close family have often reckoned that I pay more attention to the family pets than themselves, and to an extent this is true - I do not tend to get on too well with other humans or make new friends that easily. As the years have progressed, I have also found myself becoming more and more nocturnal preferring to leave all schoolwork and other mental tasks until late at night or in the small hours of the morning - long after the rest of the household and neighbourhood has gone to bed - when I seem to have a much heightened mental concentration. It is only parental pressure that is preventing me from using this more to my advantage and staying up much later into the morning, and, at times, I resent this. The realisation of my true nature has not as much shocked as surprised me. I guess this is due to the final coming together of all those ideas and feelings that have been bottled up inside me ever since that first name-calling at school.

While, unlike some of the other Weres here, I will lay no claim to being psychic, I have had one or two experiences which might seem to suggest that I have some ability in this field. The most interesting of these occurred a couple of years ago, while I was watching a rather mundane television documentary, which dealt with almost any scientific/technical subject you care to name, and several others besides. Anyway, while watching a slightly duller part of the programme, my mind started to wander, and I found myself thinking about what might be on the following week's show that could be of interest to me, and was astonished to find that, at the end of the programme in the 'what's on next week' slot, I had predicted correctly. I still consider this experience to be a complete fluke rather than a demonstration of psychic ability, especially since something like this has only occurred a couple of times since. But perhaps I could be wrong and given time, who knows...

At this point, I would like to deviate a little and tell you about a very vivid and almost disturbing dream that I experienced the other night. I dreamt that I was at school and in a music lesson with the other three students in the class. Then for no apparent reason, and totally out of control, I experienced a total Mental Shift, so much so that it felt as if I was almost on the verge of a P-Shift. Unstoppable, I got up from my seat, and leapt onto the floor on all fours, howling irrepressibly and making snarling gestures towards the teacher before finally calming down and shifting back a few minutes later. Sheepishly, and without a crystal clear idea of the events of those few minutes in my human mind, I got up and returned to my seat, amid looks of disbelief from the other students and teacher. Reluctantly, though rather obviously, I had to explain everything about my Were-side to them, and, like most good dreams, it was at this rather interesting point in the story that woke up, with an almost exact recollection of the dream in my memory. I called the dream 'disturbing' because I feel that it could be a premonition of an event to occur in real life. Just a thought...

Personally, my Dreams and mental-shifting experiences have helped me to take a more relaxed view on life. Thinking back to these experiences when not in a shifted state seems to make me feel more calm and less stressed, although it does seem to raise many unanswered, and probably unanswerable questions about humanity as a race in my conscience. In this way, my personal lycanthropic tendencies and feelings seem to have affected most parts of my life to date. Yet apart from the AHWw members here, I have not, and don't think I will ever be able to, told anyone, even my close family, of my 'secret'. I know that my parents think that there is something not quite 'normal' about me, but I am almost certain that they do not know what it is. I try and hide as much as possible from them including this newsgroup and werewolf pictures that I have been collecting for some time now. I try to control the mental shifting so that I can prevent my were-side from exhibiting itself in my behaviour patterns if other people are around, and this is probably a relief. I don't think my family would be able to understand, even if they could take it in. There are too many people in my life that could not handle the truth.

Personally, I don't think that I (or indeed - and do not take this the wrong way -any other Were) would ever be able to achieve a P-Shift, definitely totally, and probably not in part either. However, this does not mean I, or we here, do not want to. I have always envied those people who get to have the 'Rick Baker Touch' and act out the Hollywood werewolves on screen. It is a lifetime goal, envisioned early on in my realisation, that I am only, for now anyway, able to dream about.

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