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The aims of these pages are to give my own personal experiences and feelings on real wolves, as opposed to anything related to Spiritual Therianthropy.  There are plenty of websites out there which give information on the wolf as an animal, so there is little need for me to repeat the information here.

Wolf Encounters

A section of reports and photographs relating to personal feelings gained from encounters I've made with these beautiful animals.

  • August 1999 - Read about what happened when I encountered wolves in a zoo on a visit to Barcelona, Spain.

  • February 2002 Coming Eventually - Pictures, thoughts and feelings on a trip to see two of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust's wolves at a local show.

  • Images from Wolf Park - Photos from my visit over the Summer of 2002 to Wolf Park in Indiana, America, a dedicated centre for the conservation of wolves.

  • July 2002 - Some photographs of Mexican Wolves, taken in Washington DC at the National Zoological Park.

  • January 2003 - Pictures from another trip up to see a couple of the UK Wolf Conservation Trust's wolves at a local nature centre.

Wolf Organisations

  • UK Wolf Conservation Trust - I'm listing the UKWCT here simply because I'm in the UK and have been along to one or two of their shows and events.  For anyone else in the UK who's interested in wolves, this is a very good place to start.

  • Wolf Park - Based in Battle Ground, Indiana (in the United States), Wolf Park is an organisation dedicated to the conservation of, and behavioural study of wolves, and for furthering the public's education about the animal.  They own 18 wolves, 4 foxes and a coyote, and are open to the public for visiting 6 days a week, May to November.


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